Japan Calendar Public Holidays 2015

1st January (Thursday) – New Year’s Day
13th January (Monday) – Coming of Age Day
11th February (Wednesday) – National Foundation Day
21st March (Saturday) – Vernal Equinox Day
29th April (Wednesday) – Showa Day
3rd May (Sunday) – Constitution Memorial day
4th May (Monday) – Greenery Day
5th May (Tuesday) – Children’s Day
6th May (Wednesday) – Constitution Memorial day Observed
20th July (Monday) – Marine Day
21st September (Monday) – Respect for the aged Day
23rd September (Wednesday) – Autumnal Equinox Day
12th October (Monday) – Health and Sports Day
3rd November (Tuesday) – Culture Day
23rd November (Monday) – Labour Thanksgiving Day
23rd December (Wednesday) – The Emperor’s Birthday


Author: Rachel

Japan, as one of her very first trip far away from home, Rachel found it to be eye-opening and awe-inspiring. She got so fascinated by the distinction of Japan, especially the people and how such country so unique from the rest can exist in this chaotic world, that she went back twice to further her endless discovery of it. With that said, there is still much to explore in Japan! Google+