Why Visit Japan

There are many reasons to visit the land of the rising sun, Japan. It is a land infused with both past and future, from deeply ingrained age-old cultures and old shinto shrines to bullet trains and skyscrapers.

You will find yourself delighting all your senses here, being in peace and serenity while enjoying the company of the people and also immersing in its arts, culture and beauty. Not to mention also feasting on all the delicious Japanese food.

Here are some top reasons why you should visit Japan.

Night View in Tokyo, Japan

Night View in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Toshihiro Oimatsu


Maiko / Geisha under the Sakura trees, Japan

Maiko / Geisha under the Sakura trees, Japan. Photo by Kelvin Cheong

Japanese people are one of the most intriguing people in the world.

Yes, you may find them reserved at times which can be mistaken as unfriendly, but you will be surprised to know they are actually very helpful and open instead. Give a smile and some gestures and you are ready to reach out to them.

Being reserved is actually part of their culture, as maintaining their “wa” (harmony) is of utmost importance, and if you think about it, it is actually a really beautiful practice. This is also why you will see that people wait patiently in lines, rarely make loud noises and is always polite.

Japanese people also always strive for peace and comfort, therefore keeping everyone in a pleasant mode, which you will also be compelled to reciprocate.

They are also generous, considerate, kind and helpful and these show in their home hospitality and also in customer service.

Clean and safe

If there is one place in this world to be awarded cleanest, Japan is the place. On top of it, it is also very safe. You will find it almost impossible to find trash lying around public places and people seem to take a conscious effort to maintain things the way it is. There is no spitting, or people shouting or even any sort of rowdy gatherings here. Public places like the train or toilets are impeccably clean, somewhat almost unreal.

Mentally you will feel at peace because the people are very respectful to strangers and also one another. You also rarely hear of things getting lost or theft and even the women can be walking around late at night without fear.

Torii Miyajima floating at sea, Japan

Torii Miyajima floating at sea, Japan. Photo by Lluis

Culture and History

Sakura tree in spring, Japan

Sakura tree in spring, Japan. Photo by Yoshiki

Japan is not only rich in culture in terms of what the people practice or live as principles, it is also rich in the architectures, celebrations and festivals.

Here you can find ancient castles and long practicing temples / shrines that stood the test of time. There are also many festivals to join in throughout the year as it is important as part of their lives.

Few notable cultural icons are like the castles in Osaka or Kyoto or the cherry blossom festival in spring (around April) where you revel not only in the beauty of these rare flowers but also in the festivals that surround it.

The history of Japan is ever so dramatic ranging from deep nostalgia to melancholy to intriguing and it marks is still prominent everywhere in Japan. The old tiny shrines are still dotted all over the busy city while cobbled stones street lined Kyoto city and out of the city, you find old teahouses up and down the hilly countryside flowing with crystal clear streams.

Thousands and thousands of Torii, Japan

Thousands and thousands of Torii, Japan. Photo by Mark Doliner


Food is also an important part of life for the Japanese, therefore you can see the thoughts and efforts put into their food. Japanese food is one of the top-notch cuisines in the world; imagine haute food even at the simplest food stall.

Everything is prepared with much detail to the textures and flavours that you find yourself constantly delighting your palate. Japanese food is generally healthy, fresh, nutritious and well presented.

Here you can find from good old noodle soup like ramen or udon to soft fluffy rice with yakiniku (grilled meats and vegetables) to carefully selected meat slices for shabu-shabu to beautifully crafted sushi and carefully picked freshest of seafood.

There are also all sorts of alcoholic drinks like umeshu or choya (fruit liquor) or asahi and yebisu (beer) or sake (fermented rice). The portions here are usually small and would be delight for those who love to eat quality variety instead of quantity.

Typical set of Food in Japan

Typical set of Food in Japan.

Nature and Architectures

Japan is a really beautiful country naturally with snow-capped mountains, clear blue flowing streams and lush green countrysides. At the same time, you will see man-made architectures blending harmoniously into the nature making everything a canvas of art itself.

Imagine thousand years old temples and shrines among the fields or perched on the mountain top or resting below the giant monolith trees. Hot springs bath at the valley with rushing streams down the sides and birds chirping in the distance.

Japan is the epitome of peace, tranquillity and harmony between people and nature.

Also as the season changes, Japan transition gracefully from one kind of beauty to another, the most famous being spring which is the cherry blossoms season while the autumn brings vivid orange hues of maple leaves, hot springs surrounded by snows during winter and lush green fields in the summer.

Winter in Gassho Village, Japan

Winter in Gassho Village, Japan. Photo by Yoshiki

Contemporary Arts, Fashion and Technology

Shinkansen bullet train, Japan

Shinkansen bullet train, Japan. Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

As one of the most advanced countries in Asia, Japan is leading in the area of technology with bullet trains, automatic self-cleaning toilets, fastest internet speed in the world, vending machines to serve every needs and skyscrapers crawling the cities.

While on the other hand, Japan has its own trend in fashion, always standing out in some ways in compared to the world but also always beautiful in its own ways. Japan is also leading in the area of contemporary art now with various artists bringing refreshing new ideas and ways of arts that mesmerize the world.

It is almost impossible to name everything on why you should visit Japan as you can see it is a country full of wonders to every sense.  Some even say it is one of the best place to travel with baby in Asia! One will have to come to Japan and experience for himself how special this place is and how different it is from the rest of the world.

Why visit Japan again? Visit Japan for the kind and friendly people, for the rich yet imminent age-old culture and living history, for the clean and safe environment, for the fine delicious food, for the beautiful blend of nature and architectures and for the contemporary fine arts, trendy fashion and modern technology.


Shinto in middle of a forest, Japan

Shinto in middle of forest, Japan. Photo by YoTuT

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  1. Yes I agree I have recently retuned from visiting my daughter in Rokko whilst she was on her study abroad, sadly she has will be returning to uk soon due to coronavirus. I had a wonderful time in Japan and met some lovely people, so helpful and friendly It was amazing I recommend you visit, I will be returning to see more sights and my daughter will keep in touch with her Japanese friends very sad to leave.

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