Below is a collection of links about travel in Japan and generally about travel or Japan that I find useful and interesting.

Sites on Japan Tourism

Japan: The Official Guide
Here is the official tourism site to Japan with information on various tourist attractions.
Japan Travel Guides
A country of glorious contrasts, Japanese culture, heritage and traditions are unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a destination that appeals to young and old alike, so whether you’re planning a tailor-made vacation to Japan with your family, are keen to take in the world-famous cherry blossom or are simply hoping to explore on a budget, our Japan country guides are an invaluable reference.

Japan Travel Blogs and Sites

Must Love Japan
A video travel guide with vast information on Japan along with interesting videos.
Travelspot – Japan
Jan’s itinerary, tips and photos on his travels in Japan
Super Cheap Japan
Japan budget travel guide. A guide to getting the most out of Japan without burning all your money away. Great for backpackers, tourists, ex-pats and students.
Japan Travel Cafe
Come here to read about true stories in Japan and informal view about the place, people, food and travel.
Japanese Journey
A German living in Japan shares tips, travels, and life in Japan.
Inside Kyoto
Real insights into exploring Kyoto by a long time resident, who also operates private tours.
Nippon Insider (in German)
Written by Daniela in German about understanding and experiencing Japan.
Japan Cheap Travel
A complete guide to budget travel in Japan
Japan Travel Advice
The complete guide to travel in Japan with all the must see destinations and attractions as well as travel advice and tips for the Japan tourist.

All things Japan

Japan Blog List
An extensive list of blogs and websites on everything about Japan, from travel to living to food and culture.

Inspiring World Travel Blogs

Travel Toodle
Julia travels slow and she shares her travel guides, tips and things to do in various destinations around the world.
Travel Stories and Images
Jim, a photographer, sharing his stories and shots from his travels around the world including Japan.

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