Places to visit during Summer (July-August) in Japan?

Q: I am thinking to visit Japan in Summer, around July to August. I heard that it is not the best season to visit Japan but this is the only time I get a holiday. I would like to know where would be good to visit in Japan in Summer. What are the things that I can do as well? Thanks! – Lora Chin

It is not true that Summer is the worst time to visit Japan. Yes, the weather is hotter than usual and more humid, but there are plenty of greens to enjoy. Japan is full of nature and also cities that can be enjoyed even in Summer. There are also many activities to be done here in Summer where you cannot do other times.

Mount Fuji

First of all, Mount Fuji can only be climbed during the Summer, therefore if you are a hiker, take this opportunity to conquer one of the most iconic mountains in Japan and even the world! The climbing season for Mt. Fuji starts from mid-July to mid-September.


Summer is also a good month to sunbath at the many beaches of Japan, being actually a huge island itself. There are also many water sports to do here. Okinawa is really popular for its beaches, and also anywhere else in Southern Japan would be good. Another beach worth checking out is in the Kyushu region – Itoshima, easily done with a day trip from Fukuoka.

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Lavendar gardens in Hokkaido

The best time to visit in Hokkaido is Summer, where the lavender gardens will be at its full bloom. But this is almost like Sakura sightings, you would need to come at the right timing to be able to catch them. Regardless, Hokkaido has a lot to offer besides that.

Enjoy Japan’s festivals (matsuri) in various places

There are many festivals around Japan almost all year round, and you can find a lot of good ones in Summer. Check out which coincides with your visit and try to catch them as it is culturally interesting and full of excitements. Some of the notable regional summer festivals in Japan are Gion in Kyoto and Tenjin in Osaka, while the nationwide summer festivals are Tanabata (the star festival), Japanese Floating Lantern festival, and Bon Festival.

As you can see there are many things to do and many places to visit in Japan during the summer. Enjoy!

Author: Mathias

Mathias had traveled all over Asia in his one-year backpacking stint. There was no place like Japan to flip all his prenotions of Asia around. He was deeply impressed not only by the order of Japan, being a German who loves one but also of how the people are still practising their culture and traditions religiously in this modern day. He is is the man to go to, for all the technicalities of traveling in Japan, while his travel companion does all the daydreaming and wishing of where to go next and what to do.

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