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All Japan Travel Guide brings you unbiased and independent travel information to Japan – attractions, things to do, itineraries planning, travel guides, travel tips, budget traveling and everything else.

Plan to visit Japan? Wanted to travel Japan but with a budget? In Japan, you can be sure to find something that would meet your travel style and choices. Not sure where to go or how to plan your itinerary? Have a look at our Top 10 Must Visit Places in Japan before deciding and planning. Or if you haven’t even decided whether Japan would be your next travel destination, then see why you should visit Japan.

We want to promote this country of endless discovery and also to show you that it is possible to travel independently in Japan with or without a budget. We encourage traveling to Japan which is full of friendly people, rich in cultures, steeped in traditions and history, and diverse in nature. We will share both well-trodden and unbeaten tracks in Japan for you to enjoy and discover.

The Team

Rachel Ooi

Rachel in Kimono, Japan

Japan, as one of her very first trip far away from home, Rachel found it to be eye-opening and awe-inspiring. She got so fascinated by the distinction of Japan, especially the people and how such country so unique from the rest can exist in this chaotic world, that she went back again (twice!) to Japan to further her endless discovery of it. Being an independent wanderer herself, Rachel knows what it takes to make a good, fun-filled yet responsible independent traveling.


Mathias ringing the bell, Japan

Mathias had traveled all over Asia in his one-year backpacking stint. There was no place like Japan to flip all his pre-notions of Asia around. He was deeply impressed by the order of Japan, being a German who loves one, and also admires their prominent culture and traditions in this modern day. He is the man for all the technicalities of traveling in Japan, transports and the nitty gritty of itinerary planning, while his travel companion does all the daydreaming and wishing of where to go next and what to do.


Celia Jenkins

Celia Jenkins at all Japan Travel Guide

Celia Jenkins is a freelance writer, specialising in travel writing and writing for children. She spent five years working as a TEFL teacher in Asia (China and Japan), and continues to teach part-time alongside her primary work as a writer. Her plans for the future include plenty more travel, copious amounts of writing, and gobbling sushi whenever she gets the chance. Find out more here: https://www.celiajenkins.com/

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