Hitchhiking in Japan

Hitchhiking in JapanAfter our first shocking Shinkansen, we took more buses as it is the cheaper option. But there is an even cheaper transport option and you cannot get cheaper than that – it is free! And that is hitchhiking! It was one of the highlights of our seven weeks long trip in Japan. Hitchhiking is where for the first time, we get real and direct contact with the local Japanese people.

Itoshima, Day Trip From Fukuoka in Summer

Itoshima, Day Trip From Fukuoka in SummerIf you want to escape the bustling city of Fukuoka in summer heat and find a nearby place to relax, Itoshima would be it. Head to the Shima-sakurai area for sea, sand, sunshine and surfing, as well as a beautiful shrine and plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Top 10 Must See and Things to Do in Nara

Must See and Things to Do in NaraNara is well known for being a beautiful city that brings a sense of peace and harmony to its visitors. Also owing to its strategic location of just 42 km south of the popular Kyoto, it had become one of the top tourist attraction in Japan. Nara boasts a lot of other well-known attractions and some secret spots and activities to satisfy any day tripper or a long term visitor to this place.