Weather in Osaka – When to go?

Q – When is the best time to go to Osaka? What is the weather like in Osaka? I would like to see some Sakura (cherry blossoms) if I have the chance. When does it rain the most, as I plan to avoid? – Claus

A – Most people would suggest visiting Osaka (and the rest of Japan) in either Spring or Autumn. This is because these two seasons has the best temperate and pleasant weather and amazing landscapes.

To have a chance of Sakura or Cherry Blossoms viewing, you should visit Osaka in spring (late March to mid April). The Sakura/Cherry blossoms season is short and somewhat unpredictable, thus be prepared. Spring weather is temperate and the humidity is relatively low, which means good weather for traveling around. Take note that this is also the tourist peak season in Osaka and rest of Japan.

Avoid Golden Week in Japan, (around the first week of May). It is the Public Holidays in Japan and the locals love to travel domestically, therefore it would be the highest peak season in terms of tourists. Everything including food, accommodation and transportations will be more expensive than other times.

Autumn is well known in Japan for its many shades of amazing reds. In Osaka, you will see that despite being a city, it is filled and colored by the many foliages around. The weather during autumn is also ideal for hiking and generally walking around the city or doing day trips out of Osaka.

Summer Summer weather is high in humidity and does not offer that much in terms of nature and landscapes, but the good thing is that there is less tourists at this time and it would be a great time to wander around Osaka without the crowd.

Winter Winter would be the least ideal for traveling for most people, as it would be cold and it rarely snows in Osaka.

Still just like the weather in Kyoto, anytime can be a good time to go to Osaka, as the city has a lot to offer despite the weather.