Japan Calendar Public Holidays 2015

1st January (Thursday) – New Year’s Day
13th January (Monday) – Coming of Age Day
11th February (Wednesday) – National Foundation Day
21st March (Saturday) – Vernal Equinox Day
29th April (Wednesday) – Showa Day
3rd May (Sunday) – Constitution Memorial day
4th May (Monday) – Greenery Day
5th May (Tuesday) – Children’s Day
6th May (Wednesday) – Constitution Memorial day Observed
20th July (Monday) – Marine Day
21st September (Monday) – Respect for the aged Day
23rd September (Wednesday) – Autumnal Equinox Day
12th October (Monday) – Health and Sports Day
3rd November (Tuesday) – Culture Day
23rd November (Monday) – Labour Thanksgiving Day
23rd December (Wednesday) – The Emperor’s Birthday