Should I get a 14 days JR Pass for travel in Kanto and Kansai?

Q: Should I get a 14 days JR pass for my travels through Kanto and Kansai Area? I am looking to hit the important places between Tokyo and Osaka. I would be flying in and out of Tokyo.

A: Your 14 days travel in Kanto and Kansai area is what our classic 2 weeks itinerary route in Japan suggests. The route is:
Tokyo -> Kamakura -> Kyoto -> Nara -> Osaka (Himeji) -> Tokyo

In my experience, JR pass is rarely worth it unless you plan to travel to many places that are far from one another in a short time. In the case of the classic 2 weeks itinerary in Japan, we are covering quite a number of places in just 14 days but they are not that far apart. Assuming that you plan to only use the train for all the travels, for its quickness, comfort and convenience, then let us take a look if it is worth to buy a 14 days JR Pass or to buy individual train travels as you go.

I have always used Google maps to help me with my transport planning in Japan, it shows you everything from the time schedule, all the possible connections and their prices. I really recommend to use it for your transport planning in Japan.

Tokyo to Kamakura train – around 900 – 1,100 JPY
Kamakura to Kyoto train – around 13,000 – 15,000 JPY
Kyoto to Nara train – around 900 – 1,500 JPY
Nara to Osaka train – around 700 – 900 JPY
Osaka to Himeji train plus return – around 3,500-7,000 JPY
Osaka to Tokyo train – around 14,500 JPY

Rough total of individual train travel prices is around 35,500 – 39,000 JPY (348 – 383 USD)

The cost of a 14 days JR Pass is 62,950 JPY (618 USD).

Here we get a clear idea that we should not be getting a JR Pass for our 2 weeks classic itinerary. Also, a tip is, as mentioned in our one day trip to Himeji, you buy a Suica Pasmo Card or individual regional passes like Kansai Pass to help you to further save money.

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Author: Mathias

Mathias had traveled all over Asia in his one-year backpacking stint. There was no place like Japan to flip all his prenotions of Asia around. He was deeply impressed not only by the order of Japan, being a German who loves one but also of how the people are still practising their culture and traditions religiously in this modern day. He is is the man to go to, for all the technicalities of traveling in Japan, while his travel companion does all the daydreaming and wishing of where to go next and what to do.

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