Hitchhiking in Japan

Hitchhiking in JapanAfter our first shocking Shinkansen, we took more buses as it is the cheaper option. But there is an even cheaper transport option and you cannot get cheaper than that – it is free! And that is hitchhiking! It was one of the highlights of our seven weeks long trip in Japan. Hitchhiking is where for the first time, we get real and direct contact with the local Japanese people.

Nara One Day Trip Itinerary

Nara One Day Trip ItineraryNara, a beautiful little city, just 42 km south of Kyoto, is a popular day trip option. It was the old capital of Japan, cradled with Japan’s finest arts, crafts and literature. The main attraction in Nara is the Todaiji Temple, famous for its massive Great Buddha statue, commonly known as Daibutsu. Besides that, Nara is itself a huge beautiful park, with free-ranging deer all around and trees everywhere that would display any season in its full glory.

Top 10 Must Visit Places in Japan

Top 10 Must Visit Places in JapanJapan is the place to visit to see how a world can be blend in both history and nature with modern technologies, trends and styles. With amazing temples, Shinto shrines, monuments and other modern wonders, it is hard to choose which tourist attractions to go to. So here's our list of Top 10...